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Our Vision:

Every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

"High-quality preschool, especially for four-year-olds from at-risk, low-income families, is a proven strategy for building the globally competitive talent Michigan needs now and in the future. Preschool helps lead to kindergarten readiness, grade-school reading proficiency, and student success beyond. When taxpayers invest in preschool, they actually save roughly seven dollars for every dollar invested. How? Fewer kids repeating grades in school. Fewer dropouts, Fewer crimes and prison inmates. Lower welfare costs and higher lifetime earnings as preschool launches students to greater life success."

-- The Business Case for Preschool Expansion from the Children's Leadership Council of Michigan's The Michigan Early Childhood Business Plan 

"The foundation of many skills needed for 21st-century jobs is established in the earliest years of life. A strong foundation in the early years improves the odds for positive outcomes. Preschool alone is not enough to assure at-risk toddlers get the strong start they need to be ready to learn when they enter kindergarten. Additional efforts aimed at children aged 0-3 generate significant return on taxpayer investment. Proven home visiting programs, which pair at-risk families with trained professionals who provide vital information and support, are especially important. At-risk children whose parents participate in voluntary home visiting programs have been shown to have higher cognitive, vocabulary, reading and math scores by age six. Over the long term, beneficiaries of home visiting programs have higher likelihood of graduating from high school, and mothers in home visiting programs have shorter stays on welfare and better employment prospects. "Early childhood programs do not replace good parenting, rather they help complement and strengthen parenting, " says leading Michigan economist, Tim Bartik.

-- The Business Case for 0-3 Early Childhood Programs from the Children's Leadership Council of Michigan's The Michigan Early Childhood Business Plan

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