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Our Vision:

Every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

Links and Connections

These are some key resources - both business and early childhood organiztions that have made the case for the long term economic impact of qualit yearly education, or that provide local early childhood services.

Business Roundtable - An association of CEO's of leading U.S.companies with over $6 trillion in annual revenues and more than 14 million employees.

Committee for Economic Development - A non-profit, non-partisan organization made up of approximately 200 senior corporate executives and university leaders who conduct research and outreach efforts.

Families and Work Institute - A nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization that studies the changing workforce, the changing workplace, the changing family and the changing community.

Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis - One of twelve regional reserve banks that together make up the Federal Reserve System.

High/Scope Educational Research Foundation - Independent nonprofit research, development, training and public outreach organization.

Critical Investment Advice From Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke on the crucial importance of effective early childhood supports and public education to the success of our economy

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