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Our Vision:

Every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

What Can My Business Do?

Participate in Community Collaboration

You can get directly involved to support early childhood education by joining the Washtenaw Great Start Collaborative: an organization of business, governmental, educational and non-profit leaders who meet on a bi-monthly basis to shape and direct early childhood policy and actions within Washtenaw County.

To join, please contact Margy Long.

Promote the Importance of Early Childhood Education

Within your workplace, you can ensure that the message of the importance of the first six years is heard by your colleagues and employees. You can:

  • Hang posters regarding early childhood education and programs near water coolers, vending machines, and in waiting areas.
  • Encourage employees to participate in early childhood programs and agencies - as volunteers and as parents.
  • Adopt an early childhood program for focused volunteer efforts, such as reading to children, playground and room improvement, or donation of books and clothing.
  • Share company expertise, talent, and skills, such as accounting skills, management training, public relations, construction ability and others, with the early childhood world.
  • Be aware of policies that impact young children and their families; communicate your concerns and ideas to policymakers and governmental representatives.
  • Provide in-kind support, such as copying, faxing, mailing or printing assistance to local early childhood organizations.

Participate as a Board or Advisory Member for an Early Childhood Nonprofit

Join the Board or Advisory Board of a local early childhood nonprofit. Throughout the community, they are seeking the skills and knowledge that you have.

Call Margy Long if you would like help in finding the right match for your skills and interests.

Share Key Child Development Information with Your Workforce

With the help of Washtenaw Success by 6 Great Start Collaborative, you can distribute child development and parenting information to your entire staff on a regular basis. We have materials available to you free of charge.

Call Margy Long to discuss how you can participate in this.

Make Your Voice Heard Throughout the Community

In the organizations that you are part of - places of worship, chambers of commerce, service clubs, and social groups - share the early childhood message, stressing the importance of the first six years of life, and encourage others to educate themselves and get involved.

Participate in Fundraising for Local Early Childhood Nonprofits

Fundraising occurs throughout the year and includes the United Way Campaign and individual organization events.

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