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Why do a developmental screening?

Regular developmental screening in the early years can help to ensure that children are on track, and can help identify areas where additional support may be needed.

What is Ages and Stages?

A series of questionnaires for children ages 2 months to 66 months (5 ½ years) that will help to monitor a child's development by screening children in five areas: Communication, Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Problem Solving and Personal-Social.

Need more information? Read our FAQs about the ASQ!

Do you have questions about your child's Social-Emotional/Behavioral Development?

The ASQ:SE is also available free to families in Washtenaw County. The ASQ:SE is a series of questionnaires that parents complete for children ages 3 months to 66 months that will help to identify social emotional difficulties by screening children in the following areas: Self-regulation, compliance, communication, adaptive behaviors, autonomy, affect, and interaction with people. Click here to complete a FREE ASQ:SE.