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Every child in Washtenaw County enters school ready to succeed.

Every adult, at some point, is going to get upset with a child. At times, we can handle it. Other times, we may feel like we will lose control. The next time you are feeling overwhelmed and about to flip your lid with a kid, remember to PAUSE. Here are 5 easy steps for regaining balance and control. The PAUSE tool will help you approach a situation and help your child in a calm, productive way. You’ve got this! All materials on this page were created by our Early Childhood Traum-Informed Collaborative.


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Stress and challenging experiences are a normal part of life for all families. Sometimes these experiences can feel overwhelming or challenge a child's ability to see the world as a safe and predictable place.

Information Tool: Your Child: How Stress Impacts Brain Growth, Development & Behavior 


Everyday Gestures: How You Can Help a Child Heal

Healing at Home
For Infants and Toddlers
For School-Aged Youth
For Teens
In Healthcare
In School
In the Community



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